Thursday, October 2, 2008

My New Job!

After a long few weeks, application after application, interview after interview (and plenty of "You're a great candidate, but we're just not hiring"s) I am excited to announce that I am finally employed!  I interviewed a few different places and received a coupe of different offers, but ultimately decided to go with a small firm called Zeno Group (owned by Edelman).  I was very attracted to the small agency environment, intelligent employees, and creative work they generate for clients; and their stellar work in Web 2.0 was icing on the cake.  But the best part?  The LA office is 4 blocks walking from the Santa Monica pier ;)  My first day with the firm was Wednesday, and I love it so far!  I'm an AE in their Digital Lifestyle Group, so moving forward I'll be doing mostly digital campaigns for a variety of different consumer and tech. clients.   

I'll keep you all posted :)  Oh, and check out Zeno Group's blog, Acropolis, located here.  Another good one to check out: The Digital Deep, written by my new colleague, Nick.

PS: Thanks to everyone who helped and supported me throughout my job search; couldn't have done it without you!

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