Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Social Surfing

The past few weeks, I have been trying to learn how to surf (no, not the Web... like, the actual sport.)  But I'm really bad at it (like, really bad), so after a few failed attempts I finally did a YouTube search for videos on "how to surf."  Through my search, I came up with this series of viral videos by Florida Surf Lessons.  Not only were the videos very informative, but the series is an example of a company that really understands both it's consumer-base and the power of viral video campaigns.  

If you think about surfing, what age group comes to mind?  Well, aside from the occasional 60-year-old going through a mid-life crisis, the majority of people looking to take surf lessons is likely the younger age group... the group that is most engaged in social media.  So naturally, a viral video campaign would work well for a surf shop.  And the 'how to' format of the videos are great for anyone who is just starting out.  The videos are short, sweet and to the point, and at the beginning of each segment the instructor says his name, company, location and Web address.  Obviously a viral marketing tactic created by the company, but very tactfully used.  

UPDATE:  So I spent the day surfing yesterday in Santa Monica, and I used the advice from these videos - they worked!  I actually caught waves!  I am now an enthusiast :)  

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