Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Simplicity is complex

Who knew Twitter is an art, science and social network all in one? Alex Iskold offers advice to readers on how you can "kill a Friday night" on Twitter in his post 5 Ways To Have Fun with Twitter When You're Bored.

Another interesting post on the ups and downs of microblogging. I found a particular interest in the story of how a professor, Parry, noticed that Twitter brought his classroom closer together.

On a different note but along the same lines, Forrester's Josh Bernoff (social media guru and coauthor of the upcoming book "Groundswell") posted an interesting blog entry detailing how blogging can have a different objective based on different audiences you are trying to reach, using his 5 blogs as a case study throughout. Although I don't have time to write a complete analysis, I thought this quote was interesting (but please read the full post for context):

"To begin with, know that I define myself as a writer, a communicator, and an analyst -- not a blogger. Calling someone a blogger in a few years will be like calling them an emailer now -- it will be just another form of communication. So even with these five blogs, it's not because I'm some sort of tech-addicted whiz-kid -- far from it. It's because writing is what I do, and I use them to accomplish different goals."

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