Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vote in PRWeek's Blog Competition!

Every new professional has at least a couple of highlights in his/her first year of work experience.  A great compliment from a client, a stellar presentation, an outstanding hit in BusinessWeek (or in the Wichita Eagle if you're really ambitious). :)  Well, I have a career highlight of my own to share, and it comes in the form of an e-mail sent to the EVP of my account:

From: Frank Shaw
Subject: This is cool


Wait a minute.  Back up.  Did Frank Shaw really find my blog... and say it was cool?!  

Anyway, starstruck awe aside, working at WE I was inspired by someone new on almost a daily basis.  But no one inspired me more than Frank.  Smart guy, great speaker, fantastic leader, and... great blog!

PRWeek is holding a competition to honor the outstanding PR blog, and Frank's blog, Glass House, made it to the quarterfinals.  As a young professional, I enjoy reading Frank's blog because he discusses everything PR, from politics to the evolving media landscape and nature of the PR practitioner.  This week, Glass House is up against Rohit Bhargava (also a great blog), so make sure you go vote!

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